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      Okay…no one likes the legal stuff (or at least not while shopping for cool gear) so let’s make this as painless as possible:


      Returns and Exchanges:

      We fold, bag, and tag every item ourselves. If, however, we missed some imperfection, then let us know and we WILL take care of you.

      Simple as that.

      Welcome to the Standard OneOne team.


      Logos, trademarks, and graphics:

      We strive for authenticity in all our adventures. Tough in this world.

      Please do not borrow, lend, or otherwise use our designs or logos.

      While we are here to serve those who maintain their standard, we also recognize not everyone has such clearly defined and noble convictions.

      Standard OneOne: Fly YOUR Flag


      Privacy Policy:

      We believe in privacy. We will NOT sell, give, lend, or otherwise pimp-out your information.

      In fact, we believe in privacy so much we invested extra money into an encrypted email service provider.

      Welcome to the Standard OneOne team.


      Terms of Service:

      You buy, we ship.

      You ask, we answer.

      We reserve the right NOT to serve individuals who prove themselves…uhm…disreputable. Don’t be that person.

      We reserve the right to protect ourselves (like every American) especially our intellectual properties (lol…now there is a legal term for you), our brand name, and our brand identity.

      Welcome to the Standard OneOne team.


      Shipping Policy:

      You buy, we ship. Typically as quickly as humanly possible with a couple exceptions like weekends (we like to live life too) and Holidays (family matters).

      If our gear is available to order on the website, then we have it in stock.

      Welcome to the Standard OneOne team.

      Standard OneOne: Fly YOUR Flag